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Created 6-Jul-13
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Medieval Staircase, Rue Porte Saint-Louis, Dordogne, FranceMedieval Arch, Rue Porte Saint-Louis, Cadouin, Dordogne, FranceTempo Doeloe, Rue Porte Saint-Louis, Caduoin, FranceL Carrriere Farm machinesFrench Doors in the Morning SunWooden Shutters and doorRue Porte Saint Louis, Sunday MorningNew Music in a Old Town, Cadouin, FranceEntry, Cadouin HouseOld Wood, Cadouin, FranceOrnate portals, Cadouin, FranceFrench Maison, Abbey Square, Cadouin, FranceOld Wall and Wood, R. Pte. St.-Louis, Cadouin, FranceDetail North Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, FranceWine Cave, Loire Valley, FranceL'Abbaye et Restaurant de Cadouin, Abbey Square, Cadouin, Dordogne, FranceDordogne Town, Aquitaine, FranceSummer on the Dordogne, Aquitaine, FranceDordogne Riverboats, Bergerac, Perigord, FranceDejeuner, "L'imparfait", Bergerac, Dordogne, France

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