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"Ireland is a prism between the sun and the Irish Sea." With these telling words, photographer Jay Ben Adlersberg begins a book full of stunning images and lyric salutes to the Emerald Isle. Think you've already seen every kind of Irish steeple and saloon? Perhaps. But Adlersberg's eye for texture and detail brings familiar subjects alive in new ways. "Ireland: In Word and Image" is as wide and long as a dinner tray, making the 160 photos even more stunning. Passages by wordsmiths such as Thackeray and Yeats also grace the pages."
-LA Times Holiday Gift Guide December 2013
"Ireland in Word and Image"
Photographs by Jay Ben Adlersberg, edited by Samantha Bowser
Welcome (Random, dist.), $60 (272p) ISBN 978-1-59962-125-8

Photographer Adlersberg and editor Samantha Bowser compile a beautiful tribute to Ireland with this oversized, full-color volume which includes numerous gatefolds. Presented in a format that invites browsing, the photographs soothe the eyes: from the sea to pasture; historical buildings including castles, churches, and colleges to modern street scenes; and race horses to the industries of linen, wool, and whiskey. The photos depict a variety of subjects throughout the book, with occasional detailed studies, such as Belfast’s St. Anne’s Cathedral. Captions provide sufficient detail so those unfamiliar with Ireland will understand the visual significance. Intermixed with the photographs are selections from Irish writers of all genres: folklore, poetry, memoir, and stories. Those well acquainted with Irish literature may recognize most of the names, such as Thackeray, Joyce, and McCourt, all of whom contributed to Ireland’s rich literary history. Contributions range from Mary Ann Larkin's “The Dance Half Done” to “Digging” by recently deceased Seamus Heaney to “The Matter with Ireland” by George Bernard Shaw. Recommended for those with a special interest in Ireland, this volume creates an illuminating and engrossing armchair journey."
-Publisher's Weekly (October)


 "It is the best coffee-table book on Ireland that has ever crossed my desk!"                                                -Adrian Flannelly, Irish Radio Network USA, host for 40 years                    


"Capturing Ireland in text and picture involves entering its soul; getting under its skin. This beautiful book somehow manages to achieve that intangible goal."
The Very Reverend John Mann
Dean, St. Anne's Cathedral
Dean of Belfast

"This is a beautiful publication which highlights the best of what Ireland has to offer. The stunning photographs capture all aspects of Irish life and everyone should have a copy."
Michael Healy-Rae TD
Kilgarvan, County Kerry
Member of the Irish Parliament

"The deep soul and spirit of this luminous country is evident on each finely wrought page of this book. A wonder to behold and to be treasured."
Father Edward L. Beck
CNN Contributor and author 

"From the Happy Rainbow to the Flora and Fauna, the Majestic Buildings and the wonderful shots of the people the book evokes all that Ireland offers and more. A wonderful publication and an ideal gift."
Francis Brennan
Entrepreneur, Hotelier, Broadcaster
Proprietor, Park Hotel Kenmare
"Jay's images of the country fire the readers imagination of what it would be like to experience Ireland first hand. He portrays a mythic and mysterious landscape full of ritual and imagination which leads to that indelible sense of place that is Ireland."
Ruth Moran
Tourism Ireland
"It is a rarity to find someone so diverse that they can make landscapes, streetscapes, people and animals seem equally alive and 'at-your-fingertips.' ... If you treat yourself to one thing this year, let it be this amazing book."
Website for everything Irish
 "Ireland in Word and Image - what a stunning tribute to this island's landscape by NYC photographer @jadlersberg."
  -Ireland Electric
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