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Created 6-Jul-13
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Sea Lion Cove, San Cristobal Island, GalapagosChristmas marine iguana, mating colorsBrown PelicanSwallow-tailed GullMagnificent frigate bird, juvenile 2Magnificent frigate bird, juvenileMagnificent frigate bird, JuvenilesLet the small ground finch eat cake! Galapago IslandsBrown Pelicans, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGalapagos PenguinHooded MockingbirdHooded Mockingbird, GalapagosLava Heron, female, fishing from lavaAmerican Oystercatcher, GalapagosYellow warbler taking flight, Seymour Island, GalapagosFrigates, with juvenileFrigate bird male 2Frigate bird male, GalapagosFrigate bird, stretchingBlue-footed Booby 1

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