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Created 6-Jul-13
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Client: Express Newspapers Ltd.
Macaw and nut 2, Herradura, Costa RicaBlue and Yellow Macaw, Ara ararauna, Costa RicaBeing cute is tough work. Capuchin monkey, Pacific Coast, Costa Rica.Eyelash mountain viper, Bothriechis schlegelii, ready to strike, Costa RicaGreen and black dart-poison frog, Dendrobates auratus, mountains, Costa Rica.Footsteps and Stepping Stones, South Pacific, Costa RicaCove beach, South Pacific, off Costa RicaSouth Pacific Cove, Sunset, Costa RicaArenal Vocano, Lake Arenal, Highlands, Costa RicaBlue morpho butterfly, Morpho helenor marinita, Costa RicaCydno Longwing butterfly, Heloconius cydno galanthus, Costa RicaZebra Longwing, Heliconius charithonia charithonia, Costa RIcaRufous-tailed Jacamar, Jacamerops aureus, Costa RicaBoat-billed heron, Cochlearius cochlearius, Arenal, Costa RicaBroad-billed heron, Cochlearius cochlearius,  nesting pair, Arenal, Costa RicaCherrie's Tanager, Ramphocelus costaricensis, Costa RicaClay-colored Thrush, Turdus grayi, National bird, Costa RicaFiery Billed Araçari, Pteroglossus frantzii, Arenal, Costa RicaBlack-cheeked Woodpecker, Melanerpes pucherani, Arenal, Costa RicaScrub Euphonia, Euphonia affinis, Aranal, Costa Rica

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