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Created 6-Jul-13
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Capri at Sunset, Amalfi, Italy.Europe Across the BosphorusSunrise Leros, GreeceSea Lion, GalapagosFrigate bird male, GalapagosBlue-footed Booby 1Victoria Falls, ZambiaMinaret, IstanbulVictoria Falls RainbowDetail North Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, FranceChateau Villandry Lane, Villandry, FranceManhattan, Sundown, July 4th, 2011Amalfi IslandThree Gorges Morning, Chang Jiang, Hunan, China, 2002.White faced monkey on forest trail, Costa Rica.White-faced capuchin monkey parent and child, Costa RicaViolet Saberwing Male, Campylopterus hemileycurus, Vara Blanca, Costa RicaMountain mist, Costa RicaRed poison dart frog, Oophaga pumilio, Vera Blanca, Costa RicaWhite-faced capuchin monkey pals, Costa Rica

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