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Created 21-Feb-15
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Rolling hills of Argentine PatagoniaMap of PatagoniaTorres del Paine and environsTorres del Paine National Park close upGlacier Perito MorenoPerito Moreno glacier and cruise ship 8366Perito Moreno glacier and ship 8402Trekking on the glacier's edgePerito Moreno guide 8510On Perito Moreno Glacier 8522Crossing Perito Moreno Glacier 8532Trek on the ice, Perito Moreno 8547Ice crampons 8562Filling a pitcher on Perito Morena 8569Northern Perito Moreno glacier 8662Perito Moreno calving 8801Close-up of Perito Moreno glacier 8877Lenticular cloudsRoad to the AndesIceberg, Lago Argentino

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